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Vehicle Brokerage - The easy solution to get the best price for your vehicle

Many car owners, especially enthusiasts with high-end Electric Vehicles who tend to care for their cars extremely well, understandably want the best possible price for their cherished vehicle when they wish to move onto something new. Of course, we are happy to purchase good quality used cars for cash, or look to part exchange against a stock vehicle.

However, we are seeing more and more of our customers using our specialist brokerage service where we sell your car for you, ensuring you get the best possible price (and we know the market intimately so can advise on the price we expect to receive). The process is simple, safe, and most of all effective - the person who wants to buy your car will most likely be looking to purchase from a trusted dealer, one who can provide delivery, part exchange and finance, so we can offer all that on your behalf, paying you directly to your bank as soon as the new buyer has collected the car.

Your car can either stay with you through the process, or come down to our safe, fully-insured, storage facility where we can offer viewing, both virtually, and physically (where permitted) to prospective buyers. We guarantee your car will never be in anyone else’s hands until it is fully paid for. We will keep the battery charged to your preferred level, and can carry our any maintenance or refurbishment needed by the car before sale. If your car doesn’t sell, or you change your mind, you can have it back and we charge you nothing (unless you have agreed to have refurbishment or maintenance carried out).

The success rates for this service are phenomenal - Our fee for this service is a reasonable £1800 + Vat or priceless as one of our recent customers said.

“Simon was a pleasure to deal with, he sold my car in less than 48 hours, for exactly the asking price. Not only that, he came and collected my Model 3 and delivered it to the new owner on a Sunday! Recommended.” Tom Stacey, Tesla Model 3 SR+

Please see my reviews on my testimonials page and Autotrader 250+ 5 Star reviews.

Many thanks,

Simon Jones

Tesla, Electric, Hybrid and Premium Vehicle Specialist since 2016

Company Registration Number 11295180

Alloy wheel refurbishment

For any car you buy, a wheel refinishing service is available. Bring your vehicle to us for a professional wheel refurbishment. For cars we are selling this is usually carried out pre-sale as part of the preparation process.

Window tinting

A popular way to enhance the look of your car. It increases security and provides shade to children or pets in the back.

Chrome Delete

A great way to enhance the look of your vehicle. All chrome parts of the vehicle are wrapped in black matt or gloss finish. It can also be available in any colour of your choice.

Ceramic coating

Polished to perfection and sealed with a ceramic coating which bonds at a nano level.

Calliper Re-painting

Calipers can be resprayed in any colour you desire. They will have the Tesla text on them or any other text you desire.


Complete vehicle or partial Xpel PPF wrapping (Paint protection film) also known as clear bra, clear film or clear paint film, is a thermoplastic urethane. Self-healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

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