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Deege Solar

Deege Solar are not only good friends but are also industry leading Solar PV installers. That’s why we have partnered up with Deege Solar to bring you exclusive offers and discounts, on both home charging points and Solar PV Systems. Deege Solar have impeccable ratings, install Nationwide, and their customer service is incomparable. Their prices are affordable, and as a Which? Trusted Trader, you can be assured that their installation process is of the highest standard.

Solar Energy

One of the biggest selling points for purchasing an electric car, is its impact on the environment. Although they eliminate tailpipe emissions, they still need to charge off the National grid, which is powered significantly by fossil fuels. If you would like to reduce your carbon footprint further, and make your electric vehicle future proof, investing in a Solar PV System is the way to go.

By generating and using your own renewable energy to charge your electric vehicle, you are relying less on the grid and more on natural resources. By installing a Solar PV System, you will also benefit from a reduction in electricity bills up to 70%, energy independence, and a greater EPC rating for your home. Most electric-car charging at home, happens overnight, when there’s no sun. That’s why a home battery storage system is an essential. So that you can collect and store your own solar energy, to use when your home or car demands it the most. 

All Deege Solar’s installation prices for a Solar PV System can be found here: https://deegesolar.co.uk/services/solarpv/ 


EV Chargers

What are the key benefits of having a home EV Charger installed:

  • You can charge your car more cost-effectively, by charging during cheap off-peak hours.
  • Compared to the standard public chargers, home EV Chargers charge a lot quicker.
  • A Home EV charger gives you more control over when you can charge your car and for how long.
  • With over 200,000 electric car owners in the UK, having an EV Charger installed can be an attractive addition for any potential home buyers.

As OLEV approved installers, you can receive up to £350 off the installation cost by installing with Deege Solar. Through the Government Incentive Scheme. As partners with Deege Solar, you can receive a further £50 off the installation price! It’s a no brainer really.

All Deege Solar’s installation prices for home charging points can be found here: https://deegesolar.co.uk/services/evchargers/

Deege Solar currently install the following EV Chargers:

  • The Zappi EV Charger By myenergi
  • The Project EV Charger
  • The Tesla EV Charger
  • The Rolec Ev Charger

Get In touch

If you are interested in installing a Solar PV System or EV Charger you can get in touch with Deege Solar directly at:

T: 01322 479369

E: enquiries@deegesolar.co.uk

W: https://deegesolar.co.uk/contact/ Just fill out the form at the link to book a call-back with a specialist.